What is truth?

There is something that has left me puzzled in Hacking’s text. 

What is truth? 

If memory is perhaps false, or repressed or just plain forgotten, how can we tell what happened? If we can’t tell what happened in the past, then how do we know what is truth? If a patient remembers satanic ritual abuse and there is no evidence to prove it, what do we do about it? A harder example is child abuse. The prototype cause of disassociation – may or may not have happened in a patient’s life. I thought it was really interesting how parents who were accused were banding together believing that the physciatrist was at fault for giving their children these memories. So in court, who is guilty? How can you tell when memory may not be real anymore? I just don’t understand, and to be quite frank, it scares me. 


On top of that, if memory can’t be trusted (at least for multiples), this goes on to their soul. If memory is what creates the soul (potentially) then do multiples not have a soul? Or do they have multiple? Fake souls because of false memories? Or is it true? Is inception possible or not? 


This gets me to proof. Well there isn’t proof for satanic ritual abuse but there should be for child abuse. However if it happened many years ago, evidence may have washed away. Therefor we turn to the question of cameras, or recordings. But I don’t think that these can be objective. You can edit, pick the angle, the lighting, rearrange and change the picture. Change the truth, or the memory.  


This post was written as a freewrite just so you all know. That means no editing, no stopping, just writing my thoughts.  


1 thought on “What is truth?

  1. I think this is one of the frightening things about multiplicity, and possibly also explains why we self-consciously created a science of memory (as Hacking says we did). Science is objective. It provides facts. It doesn’t guarantee truth, but is generally thought to be an accurate way of weeding out falsehoods. So, does the science of memory work? Can we measure and be objective about human looping?

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